AJWAIN Pista Cookies Combo


This is a Vegetarian product.
  • ✅Our cookies are specially crafted to be the best partner for your tea time. Feel for a snack or food with the chai, look no further. We use finest and high-Quality Ingredients: Flour, Butter, Dry fruits, Pista, Sugar, Edible oil(Ghee). This is one of the best snack-type to refresh your mood at any time by just eating a single piece of it.
  • ✅The unique flavour of cookies takes yourself back to your childhood with you with these super crunchy cookies with a unique flavour of Pista and butter. We provide you best quality of cookies and use finest and high-quality ingredients like flour, butter, dry fruits, pista, sugar, edible oil. These are perfect tea partner of Indian style and are crispy and perfect to be drunk with chai.
  • ✅Yet they’re made with no eggs. They are 100% eggless vegetarian products. Cookies are the perfect snack if you have a lot of activity in the morning. These cookies are good for people with lifestyle-based. Cookies are good alternatives for any other unhealthy snack choices. Its fresh and sweet Aroma adds an element of freshness and improving mood to your tea time experience.
  • ✅If you want to start taking healthy snacks and stick to your diet plan? Start this by replacing your regular snacks with the help of these healthy cookies. Which provides you with a different texture of cookies. These are perfectly baked cookies full of happiness. This cookie from The Doon Memories brings together the decadent rich taste of butter with the goodness of Ajwain.
  • ✅These cookies are sure to be a family favourite and a perfect gift to make. And give for festive occasions like Diwali. In India, almost everyone enjoys having evening or morning tea with some light snacks. And, if you are a tea lover, coffee lover cookies would probably be your favourite coffee tea companion.

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Try our yummy Flour Ajwain Cookies for daily snacks at tea time. They are very healthy and are easily digestible.  Rich in Ajwain, these cookies help alleviate gas and discomfort in the stomach. It is a perfect delicious tea time snack and can be stored for days in an airtight container. The flavoursome amalgamation of ajwain, Pista and butter make it a perfect tea time delight. These cookies are the healthy, crispy, salt and sweet version of cookies.  Since cookies are part of every family tea time, they have become regular everywhere. Why choose unhealthy ingredients for cookies when cookies can bake with all things healthy.  Are you craving for some delicious cookies? Then these light, crispy, and full of flavour Eggless cookies are sure to hit the spot. These are the perfect grab-n-go kind of cookies that are satisfying, and tasty. You will have a hard time controlling yourself from eating the whole batch! Cookies and tea are a perfect pair Wouldn’t you agree?  twill Melt-in-your-mouth 100% Eggless Butter Pista Cookie made with Pista, butter and other premium ingredients baked to perfect golden browns! They are sensationally nutty, melt-in-your-mouth butter Pista cookies perfect for gift giving. And this is a vegetarian product. These cookies are sure to be a family favourite and a perfect gift to make and give for festive occasions like Diwali. They are a perfect addition to your next cookie exchange. These cookies are light perfectly butter and slightly addictive Indian style eggless butter Pista cookies are good with a cup of tea.


1. This is a 100% eggless vegetarian bakery product.
2. This is one of the best healthy gift items. Best for a festival gift pack for your family, friends and all.
3. This is one of a snack made to bring people together to share it at tea time, travel party or any other occasion.

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